An entry-level service that allows the client to fully comprehend the servicing and compliance requirements for their hi-rail spe cific vehicles plant and equipment.

Ascertains the present condition of the clients Hi-Rail, vehicles, plant & equipment, informs the client of servicing requirements in line with manufacturers guidelines, rail operators, state and federal laws. Detailed report forwarded to the client.


Compliance +

Allows day to day operations to continue, with HSA servicing and maintaining all Hi-Rail Vehicles, plant and equipment to a high standard, giving the owner/stakeholder peace of mind.

HSA fulfills all the clients servicing requirements with HSA Operations Director working collaboratively with the clients stakeholder, to ensure a cost effective, compliant schedule is agreed and implemented using HSA skilled Hi Rail technicians. The client will still be responsible for compliance record keeping with this service.


Virtual Plant Manager

A fully encompassing service where HSA provides all the servicing and maintenance needs of the client, including all record keeping and site attendances where required.

This includes in addition to the Compliance + service as listed above:

  • Electronic storage and handling of all relevant documentation making it readily available.
  • Maintenance conducted ‘on–site’ if required operationally leading to a substantial cost saving
  • Plant Manager to attend any site incidents or occurrences.
  • On-track recovery service. (subject to service level agreement)